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Western Restaurants W wei-ling November 25, 2013 135
No kidding about the awesome latte art, really
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The entrance of this place is exactly like that of The Plain's & The Bravery's - first of all, it really is extremely easy to miss, and it has no inkling of resemblance to the exterior of any typical cafe. This new cafe that's barely a month old, though, has been an huge hit with many office-goers in the area looking for a good morning pick-me up. I'm not kidding when I say that their coffee is really good.

When I had my mocha at The Plain, I was convinced that that had to be the best mocha I've ever had in my life. I had such a huge internal battle before deciding to save the calories from the chocolate and get a skinny latte instead. And guys, believe me when I say that their latte art is simply impeccable. Out of the 24789471979 lattes I've drank in my life, this is the 1st time the latte art has not dissolved even when I was up till the last 1/6 of my coffee. This shows how nicely done the structure of the froth was, which was a huge deal to me because I get really upset when I see any pretty latte art dissolve while devouring my drink. I have no idea how much this means to you or anyone else but it really got me. The mocha has no latte art though.

Food wise....listen up, guys. Literally. There is no menu existent at Ronin, and the only way you can know what they offer is to ask the friendly staff directly. I think it's supposed to encourage interaction with their customers (I was there on a Tuesday lunchtime, and it seemed like the guy at the counter knew 9/10 of the customers that were streaming in), although it was pretty challenging having the girl repeat it a couple of times for us.

In summary, the menu's kept limited with just 3 types of sandwiches, French Toast, and scrambled eggs with add-ons that come at additional costs. 2 of us had the Dirty Ronin ($12), which was served in a panini housing some egg, miso mayo, salted and spicy chorizo, as well as some partially melted cheese. The servings were huge and super filling, so you might wanna share if you're not up for a heavy meal. My other lunchmate had the scrambled eggs which was so fluffy, done with the right amount of butter, and it looked soooo gooood.

We were so happy and satisfied after lunch we totally didn't feel like going back to work after that...I would totally return to this place for their coffee. My only complain though is rly the limited choices on the menu. Hopefully, they'll start adding more items as time passes!
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