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Ambience over Food
(Updated: September 08, 2013)
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We were choosing between Wimbly Lu & Rokeby since they're along the same stretch, and decided for the latter because we wanted some proper food for lunch. Was actually looking forward to coming here because it looked so promising, and I had some pretty positive reviews about it online.

We reached there at 12.30pm, and were very disappointed to know that their weekday brunch menu was only available till 12pm. Couldn't make up my mind on what to get, so I settled on a grilled chicken burger in the end. It wasn't a fast food kind of patty but real protein-packed chicken that was grilled to perfection. The burger buns were also buttered nicely and perfectly fluffy. Guess they weren't lying about serving gourmet food. I didn't finish my fries though, it felt like too much!

They have daily weekday lunch promotions, and for Wednesdays, lady customers get to have either the Chocolate Lava Cake or Sticky Date Pudding at 50% off, which amounts to about $3. We decided to get one of each. Because Sticky Date Pudding is always so highly raved and I've never ordered one myself, I was actually pretty excited to get it. It was slightly overly sweet though and I actually felt kinda sick eating it after a couple of bites. The caramel drizzled over it kind of pushed the sweetness over the edge too much maybe? I don't know, but I don't see myself ordering Sticky Date Pudding even at anywhere else after this.

I thought the Chocolate Lava was pretty awesome though! Decadent chocolate overflowing with gooey goodness (Y)

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