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Western Restaurants B bryan-choo February 16, 2013 494
Great casual French dining
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I've always associated French cuisine with the fancy but odd (it's the escargots, I tell you), but my virgin attempt at trying out French food turned out to be quite a pleasant experience under the homage of Poulet.

Given that it was our first time trying out French cuisine, much less Poulet, my mother and I turned to the service staff for recommendations, and we were prompted to try out their signature Roti chicken. Indeed, their signature roasted chicken was tender and easy on the chew, and the creamy sauce that came with the dish complemented the chicken meat surprisingly well. However, perhaps this dish is best enjoyed when shared with family or friends, as a little into the second half of the chicken meat, I started feeling a tad queasy from the excess cream sauce.

I tried out the escargots as well - I mean, if I'm going French, go big or go home right? The meat was chewy, and even though I'm not typically one to eat vegetables, the pesto herb sauce and tomato that accompanied the snail meat was surprisingly tasty and compelling.

Also, I'd recommend the mashed potatoes at Poulet. I suppose one wouldn't typically associate French dining with mashed potatoes, but truly, Poulet has the most delicious mashed potatoes I've ever tasted in the entirety of my living!

Overall, a worthy restaurant to visit if you're feeling up to some French food, and if you have some spare cash to spend!

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