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Western Restaurants B bryan-choo February 16, 2013 484
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Poulet has always seemed just a bit overpriced to me, compared to its mid-range counterparts (e.g. Saveur etc.) Although I suppose French cuisine is always just that little bit more expensive, given how upscale and exotic it is to us Singaporeans.

I tried the chicken here, which I heard was good. (It had better be, given that it's the namesake of the restaurant!) I found it a little dry, to be honest, and the skin wasn't as tasty and crispy as I would have imagined it to be, given that it looked like it was roasted. The chicken breast was so dry, it seemed like school canteen fare. The chicken thighs did a little better, being slightly juicier, although still erring on the dry side. Ultimately, this place seems overpriced and overrated.

I hesitate to give this place a low score - after all, my experience could have been a one-off one: friends praise the duck and chicken here to high heaven. But for the prices... I had expected anomalies like my case to be less rampant.
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