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My friend and I decided to grab dinner at Poulet yesterday as we have never gave it a try before, so why not? This was considered a rather big outlet with about 80 to 100 seats. However, there were only 3 to 4 wait staff on duty.

We were standing at the entrance waiting to be seated and it took quite a while for one of them to notice us. He then he slowly sashay towards us and proceeded to sit us at our table. The service staff were very slow and didn't have a good work attitude. They took their time with serving our food and some pretended not to see us when we waved for assistance.

We ordered a Smoked Duck Pissaladiere as an shared appetizer, Half Chicken with Mushrooms, Bacon and Chardonnay Sauce, as well as a Half Chicken with Pommery Mustard and a Cranberry Sauce for our main course.

The Pissaladiere was below our expectations. It looked too simple, almost as if it was made from a home kitchen. The pastry wasn't warm and the flavours were not as robust as we thought. I would like it with a pinch of black pepper but there wasn't any condiments provided on the table.

The main courses performed better. The sauces were nicely done, the flavours were there and the consistency was just nice. However, I would prefer it to be warm and not at room temperature. The chicken thigh was tender and juicy but the chicken breast was slightly overcooked and hence a little dry. But I guess that's the difficulty to roasting a chicken. The chicken breast could be perfectly roasted but you risk the thigh being under-cooked.

In conclusion, I feel that Poulet is overrated and doesn't live up to its expectations. It is an affordable restaurant to dine at, but the food and the service have much room for improvement.

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