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Western Restaurants B bryan-choo February 16, 2013 484
Affordable French food
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My friends have been raving about Poulet since forever, but the queues at all the outlets have always been insanely long, so I only managed to try it out recently on a random weekday afternoon.

My favourite dish (and probably majority of everyone else's) will probably be the Chicken Roti. The skin of the chicken is roasted till crispy, yet the meat inside remains extremely soft and tender. The sauce is really light and delicious too, which goes well with the chicken. Also, I like their mashed potato, which is really fluffy and creamy. However, one serving is quite huge and you'll probably get sick of it halfway through eating, so it'll be better to share it with other friends. Another dish worth mentioning would be their Tiramisu, which is so huge that it can be shared among 3-4 people. The tiramisu is really well done with the right amount of sweetness.
The other dishes didn't leave too much of an impression on me.

All in all, Poulet is a casual dining place that offers great food at affordable prices. Will definitely be going back for the their roasted chicken and tiramisu.

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chicken roti
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