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Western Restaurants H hevina-kaur May 07, 2014 284
Truffle fix and chill?
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I’ve never been one of those cafe-hoppers with an aesthetic Instagram feed, but I had definitely heard of PARK prior to my visit on Christmas evening. Having decided to grab dinner there on a whim, I didn’t get to Google the place to death and form my expectations.

To our pleasant surprise, a budget of $15 for each of us four was more than enough to ensure that we left the place with happy, filled, bellies. The much raved about Truffled Mac & Cheese ($12.80) and Truffle Fries ($11.00) did not disappoint. With the occasion having directed human traffic to Gardens by the Bay or Orchard Road, PARK was left with an amazing ambience that evening. Although there hadn’t been space to accommodate us indoors, the air outside was cooling enough and so didn’t pose a problem. The service was what made my first visit there a memorable one - the staff were attentive to our needs, taking the initiative to provide us with plates when they saw that we were sharing, and always ensuring that we were comfortable.

Since it’s a bit on the pricey side, as most cafes are, I would recommend visiting with a group of friends. Seating is limited - to ensure maximum comfort, consider having dinner or supper here instead. Do note that PARK is a cafe by day and a bistro by night, but if you ever want to join in the cafe-hopping hype, PARK would be a great place to start.
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