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Western Restaurants H hevina-kaur May 07, 2014 308
Best Mac and Cheese ever
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A friend told me about this café in Holland village, claiming that it had the “best Mac and Cheese ever”. I had to go and try it for myself. It seemed like a typical café, much like the rest in Holland Village, except for its small size.

I was stunned when the Mac and Cheese arrived, as the portion was smaller than I had expected for the price I paid. But when I took my first bite, I finally understood why it was dubbed the “best Mac and Cheese ever”. The chewy and springy texture of the cheese went well with the soft macaroni, and the tinge of truffle amidst the savoury flavour made every bite so heavenly. Thankfully, the taste of the cheese was not too overpowering, and does not leave you bloated after the meal.

Do head down and try their other side dishes such as the truffle fries as well, and see for yourself, if they have the “best Mac and Cheese ever”.
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