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(Updated: October 22, 2012)
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Having visited NYDC a few times, their main courses has never failed me. Disclamer, I have been eatingg their pasta or sphagetti all the time, I LOVE pasta and sphagetti and I am happy to say, their's are up to my taste buds' expectations. I must recommend their Aglio. It is not too oily like many I have eate elsewhere. But it was not as spicy as I what I had expected it to be. So for spicy aglio lovers out there, do request their level of spiciness during your orders!

Despite being famous for cakes, I am not particuarly a fan of them. They are way toooo sweet for my liking. SUGAR. It is probably due to my increase love for dark chocolate and my up rasing health conciousness. Haha. But then again, the sweetness of the cake can be too much and for my friends and I who were sharing the cakes.
The cakes are of considerably big portion for a dessert. But I guess it is good for snacks or for those who likes the cakes to be their meals. The price can is relatively on the high-end but it's not worth it, just in my opinion, for someone who doesn't have sweet tooth.

Do make sure you are or have friends who have sweet tooth before ordering or you may end up wasting the big piece of cake!

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