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Western Restaurants S shalene April 05, 2012 513
Get the Angry Barramundi!
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I have been to their outlets at Causeway Point, Junction 8 and City Square Mall. The ambience is acceptable, I have nothing much to nit-pick. It is a casual dining establishment, not a fine dining restaurant. I would advise potential diners to stay away from Junction 8's outlet at lunch or dinner service as it is usually very packed with diners. Best to go there just before the lunch or dinner crowd arrives or just wait till they leave.

Most of the times, I would order an Angry Barramundi for myself. For about $17, you get a whole barramundi of decent size. I love the way the fish is fried and the accompanying sambal is excellent. Makes a very decent meal for anyone hungry enough.

Next, I would also recommend the seafood pasta in cream sauce. This is the dish that got me hooked on mussels. For the price (about $14) you get a decent amount of spaghetti with calamari and 2 big fat mussels in cream sauce. You can't complain.

Service is a little spotty. If you go to a really busy outlet, expect some disappointments. The outlet at City Square Mall is cosy and is not too packed on most days. Great place for a quiet meal with your loved ones.

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Good food, reasonable price
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City Square Mall, Junction 8, Causeway Point
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