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Western Restaurants S shalene April 05, 2012 511
What's all the hype about??
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I visited the Manhattan's at the former Iluma with a Groupon voucher about last month ago. I ordered for myself their Crispy Barramundi, which came with rice and coleslaw. My friend ordered their signature Fish N' Chips for herself. To kick things off we ordered their Fiery Shrimp.

the waitress who took our orders were polite enough, , but I felt service was slow as we were made to wait for our iced water and Fiery Shrimp. However, the shrimp were definitely worth the wait! The spiciness of their batter made them a culinary delight! I wish I could say the same for the main dishes, too. Sadly, the Spicy Barramundi was not satisfying, due to the fish being too plain-tasting and too little of the spicy gravy dribbled on it. The saddest thing, however, was their supposedly "signature" Fish N' Chips. Needless to say, I've had better. Way better, in fact. The dory fillets were poorly prepared and the fish was still wet on the inside. The fries were also nothing special. I certainly expected more from Manhattan's, this being their signature dish.
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