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Western Restaurants S shalene April 05, 2012 511
simply love the flaming seafood platter
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Going with friends to Manhattan’s Fish Market, the flaming seafood platter will be a great main course to share. It serves about three to four people and has a variety of food items within that platter, including the fish, fries, calamari, flaming prawns and several others. I like this platter most as I get to eat the rice, calamari and flaming prawns. The flaming sauce goes well with the prawns and I will usually request for more of it as well, to eat with the rice.

Eating alone, I will order the fish and chips that is often on promotion and tastes great as well. This dish comes with a big fried fish fillet and a big portion of fries. It is a filling and affordable dish. I do not usually order the soup and drinks unless there is a special promotion that comes with the food I order, as the soups are usually the watery type and not the creamy ones I prefer.

There is a queue at Manhattan’s Fish Market at times, especially during mealtimes on weekends. It is thus advisable to make reservations prior to going down. Even without discounts or promotions, Manhattan serves great food that keeps me going back for more.
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