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Western Restaurants S shalene April 05, 2012 513
Fish out your wallets for this fish outlet!
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Another great restaurant that specializes in fish, Manhattan Fish Market is worth the time and money. Easily accessible, one of the outlets I visited was located just beside Woodlands, in Causeway Point.

Food wise, the batter used has a different flavour that I can’t explain, which is to my liking. However the variety of food presented is quite limited. The cost is around $13.50 for a dish of two portions of battered fish, thick fries, and salad on the side, drinks and clear soup to go along. Still, the price is reasonable as for most restaurants.

As for its ambience, the place follows an ‘open concept’ passersby in the mall can look at what you’re eating and such, which is not so intrusive unless you are seated at the side barriers of the restaurant. However from my observation, most people are not bothered by it. In fact, it would be similar to a hawker center setting.

On a personal note, I once had this unfortunate experience of a boy who was walking around looking at other people’s food and when he walked by my table, he coughed right into my food. Obviously, I wasn’t happy. As such, I would suggest improvements like having a gap between the side tables facing the space for people to walk and the space where people do walk. This would then eliminate the risk of someone coughing into your food, or dropping something onto your food.

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