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Western Restaurants S shalene April 05, 2012 513
Love their food!
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As its name suggests, Manhatten Fish Market serves up a wide array of fish cuisine, as well as some other dishes. Their speciality lies in the fish-related dishes though, so my suggestion is to go for these dishes, which are usually nicer than the other dishes.

My favourite dish is probably their fish & cheese, which is their take on fish & chips, with an additional serving of cheese to go with the fries. Cheese fries and fish: best combination ever. The dish comes with two huge pieces of fish and a serving of salad, which is pretty much filling and worth the affordable price. Another dish worth trying is the flaming seafood platter, which can be shared with your friends. It comes with a large variety of seafood, which is basically heaven for seafood lovers. My only qualm is about the rice though, which seems to take up half the space in the dish. It doesn't really taste that nice, and I'd rather eat some nice fries over the rice any time.

That being said, Manhatten Fish Market is a pretty decent dining choice, especially if you want to have a gathering with your friends. Just take note that some of the outlets, such as the one at Plaza Sing, will be pretty packed during dining hours though, and you might have to queue before you can get a table.
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