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Western Restaurants S shalene April 05, 2012 513
A definite worth of good food
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With all the recent deals or special food offers of Manhattan Fish Market delicacies, it drools and draws even more customers to dining at the various outlets. I am personally a frequent customer for this restaurant especially due to the student specials that they offer during weekdays from 2pm to 5pm, where prices range from as low as $6.90 and the portion is relatively huge, especially for the fish and chips.

I have personally experienced queuing for about an hour at their Causeway Point Outlet and many other customers are also willing to queue for the mouthwatering food that Manhattan Fish Market offers!

However, the service that I got from their Iluma outlet was quite bad, perhaps due to the lack of staff working over there during dinner hours. We have to wait for quite a while to get our food served and also to make our payment. Their service certainly need some improvement to serve the customers better.

Manhattan Fish Market sells almost the same thing and comparable to Fish and Co. But I personally prefer the taste of food that Manhattan Fish Market offers as compared to Fish and Co, perhaps the food quality is better over here.

Overall, the food over there is worthwhile and certainly worth a try!

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