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Western Restaurants A averlynn-lim November 18, 2012 307
chillout session
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My friends and I needed a place to chill out and Loysel's Toy came into mind. When it was first suggested, I, who never heard of it before, thought it was a toy store. Subsequently, I was told that it is a small cafe that served really good tea and coffee.

So we made our way there. Since my friend had a car, there wasn't much problem getting there. What's with all these secluded cafes that require certain kinds of transport anyways? I guess that's what you get when you want a quiet environment away from the world.

Upon arrival, my friends shared a pot of tea and I had a chocolate croissant. The tea came in a pretty pot along with a small cookie. It smelt really nice, but I'm not so much of a tea and coffee person, so I shan't comment much. My croissant was really delicious though! It crumbles in your mouth and then the chocolate greets your taste buds straight after. Should have ordered another one!

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