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D April 19, 2012
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No to chicken wings.
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Different food concept- you walk through a row of display chillers, pick up whatever suits your taste buds, load it up on your trolley, and proceed to the cashier to pay them. That way, you get your food instantaneously. However, the freshness of the food served may be compromised.

Choice of main meals is limited, though there was a kid's meal and halal meal option at another counter.

Tried organic pasta with meatball. I'm usually not a fan of beef, but these meatballs didn't have hard pieces of beef that get stuck in between your teeth. They are actually easy on the jaws- the meatballs are soft in texture. Would be good if they added some vegetables in it so the dish wouldn't taste boring after a few bites.

Their fried chicken wings were less than palatable. It was served cold, they tasted soggy, it was way too oily for my liking and the chicken tasted nothing impressive.

What better way to end the meal than to take a stroll of the place to check out the latest furniture designs and be inspired by their innovation?

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