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Affordable, satisfying food
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To me, it was always the meatballs. Always.

I don't know why, but something about the meatballs at IKEA always draws me back to the place again and again, and I find myself having frequent cravings for them. With their brown sauce, they are absolutely tasty, although the standards have dropped over the years. Also, they serve it with Lingonberry jam. For someone who hates jam, I must say I don't mind dipping my meatballs in it.

You should also not miss out on the chicken wings, another hot favourite. The wings are crispy and always hot. Their pancakes are pretty good as well. Their fries and calamari, not so. The dessert is normal, nothing much to boast about.

The selection of food may be limited but when you have a few favourites, it's always worth patronising again. Also, all these come at very affordable prices! IKEA is definitely the place to have a satisfying and filling meal without burning a hole in your wallet.

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