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Western Restaurants D dawntillmidnight April 19, 2012 1250
Few Selections but Reasonable Pricing
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Ikea food is definitely a cheap must try!!!

Food wise: Meatballs with potato and jam is a must! The other food that I usually have is their salmon slab and chicken leg. Feel free to ask for more greens or in the case of meatballs more jam and potato, it comes at no cost. 

My only concern for the food is that the food options seemed to have decreased by quite abit when I went there in December 2013. Very few selection of cakes were available so dessert was a big disappointment. In addition, there was very limited selections of main courses available as well, I remember they took away my chicken leg meal. Besides the usual Muslim food although they were OOS on Nasi lemak, the only western meal they seemed to have was the turkey Christmas special, and salmon set. 

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