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Western Restaurants D dawntillmidnight April 19, 2012 1243
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The concept they have at the restaurant is very unique, I was pretty amazed when I first went in. I would have to say that the food there is pretty okay for me. I like their chicken wings, but not their meatballs, and especially not their spaghetti. Their spaghetti is pretty much tasteless. Mushroom soup there is not too bad. My brother loves their meatballs and chicken wings though, so I guess it is up to individual preference. But it really gets to you after eating a few times at IKEA within a short period of time. Their menu is very much limited, there's only a few dishes which is quite a pity.

Although the space is quite big, but it is still filled with many people, making it very hard to find seats, especially when you are not alone and it gets very noisy. Not a place that I would go just for the food, but only when I’m shopping at IKEA.

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