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Western Restaurants D dawntillmidnight April 19, 2012 1253
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My friend once made a joke that Ikea's meatballs tasted so awesome probably because they were actually made out of horse meat. I mean, who actually knows right? Well, meatballs at this place are like a must have staple and they come in brown sauce paired with Lingonberry jam. It is a wonderfully filling meal if you are a fan of meatballs.

However, if you got dragged there by your family and are not a fan of meatballs, Ikea's cafe have several other alternatives like fish and chips, fried chicken wings and baby ribs. Some of their cakes like chocolate cakes and almond cakes are also consistently well made and would make a great dessert for your meal. I think what impresses me most is that Ikea has successfully implemented the "return your own tray" policy, something which I hope can be seen more often across Singapore.

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Ikea Tampines
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