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Awesome fried chicken
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I have a sneaking suspicion that probably 60% of IKEA customers actually go to IKEA just for their food - and I don't blame them. IKEA offers a range of western food, such as pasta and cream soups as well as Halal options for those who prefer asian food. My favourite on their menu however, has got to be their fried chicken! IKEA's fried chicken has not been bested yet in my heart by any other place, which certainly says something about their delicious fried poultry goodness!

My only complaint would be that the menu variety is too limited and I always find myself going for the same few meals every time I go there for a meal. Even to the most ardent fan, constantly having to face the same plate of spaghetti does get a bit boring after a while.The prices are economical, especially given the fact that most western food outlets tend to be on the pricier side. However, my advice would be to forgo the cakes in the fridge because they tend to be rather overpriced and not worth the money. If you are eating out with the family, the fried chicken is also a sure-fire way to satiate the kiddies before heading out into the wilderness of sofas and bedspreads.

Also, to all those penny-pinching individuals out there, remember to take your plastic IKEA cup for extra refills before you head out for the actual furniture browsing. You never know if you need hydration after getting lost among all the obscure Swedish furniture there!

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