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Western Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 17, 2012 1169
Aglio Olio and Steaaaak
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"How can this be so affordable?!" was my exact reaction the first time I've tried Hot Tomato. I thoroughly enjoy their Aglio Olio every single time I go there and I pray that there will never be a day where they stop serving it. I'm not very adventurous with my food choices as well, so from the first time I tried a sirloin steak with aglio olio nothing has changed until this day - I'm still ordering medium rare sirloin steak with aglio olio. Sometimes I spice it up by ordering coke instead of ice lemon tea, but yeah.

The thing about Hot Tomato is that you'd expect it to be extremely costly because of their good western food, but it's strangely affordable and nothing is better than affordable good food. Although I think that the reason behind its prices is in the simplicity of everything in Hot Tomato - no frills, nothing too fancy, everything is kept to simple - it's good because it feels like I'm paying for the food and nothing extra. Service wise, they have their good days and they have their bad days. I wouldn't expect excellent service though, for the price I'm paying. Their student meal costs less than 10 bucks!

Haven't tried their other food (unadventurous fellow here) but their steak never disappoints. Never once was I served bad steak, and nothing excites me more than my steak arriving at Hot Tomato. I always find myself eating slowly and savoring the taste of it all. My heart sinks whenever I realize I'm left with a little bit of my steak and I cut it into tiny morsels every time to make the meal last longer. Tell me I'm not the only one! I love my aglio olio with lots of cheese! You have to eat it with the cheese!

I love Hot Tomato, it might possibly be my favourite casual-dining western restaurant. Now as I'm typing, I'm craving for some of that steak and aglio.

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