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Han's Hot
Western Restaurants B bxbong November 17, 2012 2348
Not for food.
(Updated: December 03, 2013)
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Please do yourselves a favour and do not come to hans if you're looking for food. Even if you don't mind eating food that is way below standard because personally, I think your money would have been more well spent in a kopitiam. I've tried their pastas and all I can say is that it tastes like.. something my 5 year old brother would cook. Boil the premade sauce, pour it over the slightly overcooked pasta..

I'm not a fan of hans. But I must say that I love their cakes. Doesn't matter that it isn't as rich/well done as compared to other cakes, I like cheap cakes and I think it's good that it isn't too rich/sweet. Favourite cake: Pandan kaya cake. Always craving for it. I think you may want to give the chocolate cakes a miss because duh, it can't be quality chocolate.
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