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(Updated: December 14, 2012)
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Fish is one of my must-have food and Fish & Co. is definitely a heaven for all fish lovers. My few visits were pretty good, till the time I visit the branch at Nex mall.

My friends and I were on money-saving mode and hence decided to have their student lunch special. But we were not given the menu for it and guess what? We took about five minutes to get just one staff's attention and we got their manager's (there were not many customers around). I just find it a little funny that the manager is serving all the customers while other staffs are standing and chatting around.

That aside, what made us a little upset was all the orders mixed up. Our drinks were given wrongly and after a change, they were still wrong. Furthermore, the waiting time for our food were pretty long (we were joking that they need time to fish and just season our fillet) considering the very little number of customers. Though good food are worth waiting, but a hungry man is an angry man. We were starving with all the changing... geez.

To be fair, their fish are really nice. Swiss fish and chip are cheesy and Danish fish and chip is just normal. I like that there are some sauces in the fish itself. Their fries are slightly spicy which is good but it gets a little too salty for me the more I eat.

The ambience is comfy for a good catch up with friends. Oh, and make sure your stomach can wait for good food!
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