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Western Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 16, 2012 470
Sapid western feast with (a tad) too much salt
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Everything with Fries is becoming one of the favourite places for youths, especially yuppies, to eat at. The food serve there is self-explanatory. You get any main course accompanied by a generous serving of deep fried fresh potato fries. You could choose the shape of your fries and the flavour of your fries which is basically the flavour of the salt and seasoning sprinkled (or SPAMMED) on your fries (thus, your fries can be too salty for your liking).

They also sell other typical western food such as hamburgers and soups for instance which are all exceeding expectations - well-prepared, sapid and in huge satisfying portions. What is also great is their nicely prepared pastries. There are cakes you can further pamper yourself with (mudpies, cheesecakes, etc.) which are just as wondrous as their food.

I've been to the branch at Holland V. On weekends, the restaurant is almost always packed to the brim. Also, like what the previous reviewer has mentioned, it is pretty noisy inside given the echo-inducing acoustics of the place. But the design and feel of the place is nevertheless very clean, white and homely. Service is also rather pleasing with their crew of chirpy and sprightly waiters and waitresses.

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