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Western Restaurants W wei-ling September 09, 2013 176
Decadent and Cute Looking Tarts!
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They have such a wide variety of tarts available there, and are all reasonably priced at about $4 even though they're not exactly as large as the normal sized ones. Still, it's a comfortable size so you can try stuff without overindulging. I had a mocha tart, and loved the burst of coffee flavor in all that chocolatey goodness. It was bittersweet, which made it a winner for me. Have never tried anything like that. Still, I totally didn't expect the chocolate to be molten (they probably heated it up before that) so when I poked the tart and cracked the base, all the chocolate started overflowing!! Which was slightly disturbing but really quite a sight. Held myself back from scraping up the 'spilt' mocha chocolate to save some calories hahahaha

Got a latte too, and was super impressed with their latte art cos it was really pretty! It wasn't as warm nor aromatic as I would've liked though - I've had better. They probably didn't roast their coffee beans long enough maybe?

Anyway, the seating on the upper floor is very, very dimly lit, and there wasn't much light coming in through the window because it was a rainy day too. I thought my eyesight was gonna turn bad by like at least 25 degrees because I was trying to do some reading. You're better off sitting on the high stools on the first floor if you prefer brighter lighting!
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