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Western Restaurants K kuchiki April 04, 2013 875
Not a place for food
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Another CFD (Cafe Food Disaster) victim here. :-(

Popped by for dinner last night and wow I didn't like the food at all. The food menu is made up of mainly pasta, pies and sandwiches... your usual cafe fare. I was so sick of having pasta so I ordered a steak and cheese pie with chips and salad ($14) while my friend ordered a bacon carbonara ($15). It's a self-service concept where you make your order and pay at the counter and after which, you will be handed a tablet which will buzz when your food is ready. The food took about 10 minutes or so.. not too bad. Okay so the steak pie was horrible. The pie crust was so thick!!!! I felt very sick eating it. The steak cubes inside were bland and tough and surprise...! No sight of said "cheese". The chips were hard and the salad was bitter. My friend's bacon carbonara was okay, normal stuff but she said it tasted very "gelat" after a while. Blehhhh.

The decor and ambience are ok. Don't take the lift though it's quite tricky to operate. I was stuck inside for 2 minutes cos I didn't know how to open the lift door from inside LOL so embarrassing. The whole concept of the cafe focuses on their coffee beans which are sourced from all around the world and maybe that's what people come here for. If you ever come here, don't try the steak and cheese pie... maybe try something else???? but I would advise you to look somewhere else if you want a proper and satisfying meal cos you won't get it here. If you're looking for coffee then yeah you could visit this place cos I heard lots of raves for the coffee.

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