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Source: Curious Palette Facebook page
Western Restaurants Y yip-jia-qi January 13, 2016 201
Beautiful food that tastes as good as it looks
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Curious Palette is so hipster they don’t even have a signboard. They have a blackboard outside with “Curious Palette” written in beautiful cursive outside. The whole cafe is soaking in a very artsy vibe, and this extends to their food though.

The plating of their dishes is beautiful. It is clear that the kitchen puts immense efforts into designing their dishes. If you are looking to fill up your instagram page, this is the place. Furthermore, there is an abundance of natural light in the shop, with skylights and sky wells scattered around, so you can still get natural light even if you are not by the window.

Their food also tastes as good as they look. We tried the Berry Ricotta Hotcake, at it was the most delicious pancake i’ve ever eaten. Their waffles were a little lacking though, as they were too mushy.
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