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Western Restaurants A averlynn-lim December 16, 2012 409
Refreshing coffee art
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If you're huge on snapping pictures of your food, then Chock Full of Beans will definitely soon be your next favourite cafe.

Frankly, I wasn't expecting much of this cafe when my mother insisted on dragging my entire family out for breakfast one Sunday morning, but Chock Full of Beans was certainly quite the eye-opener.

Fate really does work in mysterious ways, because I'm typically a cold drinks sort of person, but it seemed like the cold weather and my grouchy morning mood were both conspiring against my decision to get something iced, so I ordered a hot drink for the very first time in a year or so. And when my Honey Matcha finally arrived, boy, was I so glad that I opted for something hot! Topped off with the most adorable coffee art (a reindeer!) I've ever seen in my entire life, my drink not only tasted good, but it looked amazing as well. Clearly, the cafe's specialty is its coffee art, because my mother and my sister's respective Hazelnut Latte and Hot Chocolate came with beautifully crafted coffee art as well.

Their breakfast menu was a little disappointing, considering how the coffee art sort of set a benchmark. My Eggs Benedict were pretty mediocre as compared to that of other cafes, and lacked flavour, while my mother's omelette set seemed pretty ordinary. However, my sister's Bangers and Eggs were pretty scrumptious though we paid 17 bucks for that set, which in my book, is clearly too expensive for some sausages and scrambled eggs - even if those sausages are the tastiest sausages I've ever tasted in my entire life.

Overall, a wonderful place to go for drinks. The amazing coffee art at Chock Full of Beans simply screams to be instagrammed!
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