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Western Restaurants F farshafarsha April 13, 2012 148
Delicious but Pricey
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My first and only visit to Charly T's was at its Cathay outlet which has unfortunately, already closed down. Nonetheless, I greatly enjoyed my experience there. I went in without any prior idea of the food quality but was not disappointed. I was quite spoilt for choice so I took a long time ordering but the staff did not get impatient and even offered some suggestions as to their popular picks.

Although Charly T's food is pricey, it was delicious and I did not regret my visit there, although a second time would be a forced decision. The atmosphere of the restaurant was pleasant and mild, which was excellent for dinner conversations and small talk. In my time there, I even managed to learn a fair bit of history about Charly T's. It was rather interesting to note how the ideas for his dishes came about from travelling the world and incorporating various flavours into his dishes.

They have another outlet at East Coast Road and at the Grandstand at Turf City. However, I strongly advise against going to the outlet at Turf City because they serve you food on plastic plates and utensils, which makes the overall experience horrible even though the food is great.
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