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More often than not, I refrain from eating at Paragon (except at the basement level), as I always had the misconception that any other restaurants above the basement would be too expensive. However, I was pleasantly surprised when my friend introduced me to Cafe Manuka, which is located on the 5th floor. I think most of us would not venture that high up as that level mostly sells children clothing.

Cafe Manuka is a New Zealand cafe and as such, the different food on the menu was pretty foreign to me. In the end, I ordered the Caprese sandwich, since I really like basil and cheese. I was really glad I ordered that for it was so delicious!!! That was probably the first time I feel really full and satisfied after eating a sandwich for a meal. Everything right down to the bread they used was really good. As a new start-up, that is pretty promising!

I am no coffee connoisseur so I could not really comment much about the coffee besides they taste nice? I had tried their cakes and pasta before and they were all good as well!

I really like this cafe for its straightforward, non-gimmickish style of serving and preparing the food. What's more is that the food is really worth it and this sets Cafe Manuka apart from other common cafes that serve 'all-day breakfasts' (which are basically eggs, sausages, baked beans) ! I am tired of pretentious cafes that look so pretty but serve substandard food at exorbitant prices. At Cafe Manuka, I can enjoy good coffee, delicious and filling food, and at the same time, watch adorable kids running around. What's there not to love?

Maybe one thing: the chairs are pretty hard. It would literally be a pain to stay there for too long...

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