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Western Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 18, 2012 292
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I was at the Ngee Ann City branch a few weeks back. The reason I chose this restaurant was because there was a long queue outside the Japanese restaurant. There was no queue outside this restaurant but I still had to wait for a table. The few staff working in the restaurant was not very organised and I guessed that was why they were so busy.

We got a table after waiting for few minutes. The menu did not have a lot of items so we were able to decide on the items we wanted. Anyway, my children only knew fish and chips from western food menu. We asked for plain water when ordering our food and it was only after reminding the staff that we finally got our water. The staff was really disorganised.

The best part was that they served the food without bringing the utensils. My daughter asked me are we expected to eat with our hands. I got the attention from the waiter only after a while and needed to wait for a while longer before our utensils were brought to us. I also noticed the same thing happening to the table besides me.
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