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Heart Attack Fried Rice!
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I first visited Eighteen Chefs at the Eastpoint outlet back in 2008. Back then in our JC days, my friends and I used to go there often for their student meals. (It's so cheap!!!) However, I found their food pretty average to be honest, and I never went back after we graduated.

The recent years saw more outlets opening, namely at Cineleisure and Cathay. With the whole back story of hiring ex-convicts to give them a second chance, it's definitely heartwarming to see them doing so well. After walking past the new outlets many times, I recently decided to try it again before catching a movie at Cathay.

The concept of "Be Your Own Chef" is pretty interesting since you get to customize your own meal to your liking. My friend enjoyed her Double Cheese Baked Rice thoroughly. I know of many people who enjoy customizing their own dishes but personally, I always end up in a bigger dilemma when I’m being presented with so many choices. Decided on the Heart Attack Fried Rice ($15.80 for 1) in the end since it was new to me and I’m glad to say that I wasn't disappointed! The rice was really tasty, beef was juicy and I loved the chili as well. I thought the chili went really well with the rice. Later on, I read a couple of not-so-good reviews on this dish and my friend also told me that she didn’t like it when she tried it at AMK. I'm not sure whether the quality of the dish varies across the different outlets and to be honest, I find it rather pricey as well. However, I’m pretty sure I'd get cravings for this dish so I'd still indulge in it once in awhile when I'm around the area. ^^

Overall, I must say Eighteen Chefs has changed a lot over the years in terms of their store outlook but I'm glad they still have their student meals and discounts. $6.40 for a main, drink and ice cream is really a great value for money. Not surprising that the place was packed with students during lunch time. It's heartwarming to see such positive initiatives in Singapore and I do hope they’ll keep providing us with affordable and good food! :)

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