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Awesome zichar at pocket friendly prices
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My parents often brought me to dine at Taste of Thailand when I was a little girl, but I never really did enjoy the food until very recently, when I went back again to have dinner with my friends after hearing really good reviews about it. Indeed, the dishes offered at this restaurant is really scrumptious. It is no wonder why my parents were such avid fans!

There is often a queue during dinner time, so if you are the impatient sort, you should definitely make a reservation first. The boss is jovial and friendly and would easily stir up a conversation with you. Usually, you never have to wait beyond half-an-hour and you'll be ushered to a nice, clean table. Service is prompt there as well. Food always arrives almost as soon as you settle into your seat despite the crowd it garners.

Some of the popular must-try dishes include the crispy fried fish, the pineapple rice, hot-plate tofu and tom yam soup! I personally love the deep fried crispy fish - crunchy on the outside, but soft and tasty on the inside! They also have fried calamari rings and cereal prawns which are very delicious as well.

As for the ambience, it is of course nothing compared to a high-class restaurant. It caters more towards families and friends out to have a good meal and a hearty laugh and can be a noisy place at times.

The price range is extremely reasonable and friendly to the pocket as well. Usually, my friends and I order a few dishes to share and the each of us never had to pay anymore than $8 each and we could fill ourselves up to the brim with food already! A definite must-try if you haven't been there before.

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