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We reached the place around 11.40am on a weekday, which was about 20 minutes before it opened for business, but there was already of 3 aunties sitting in front of the store queuing up. About 10 minutes before it opened, a staff started going around, taking order and arranging the table seating. Glasses of plain water were pre-served on the tables. All the tables were filled the moment the eatery was opened for business. Food was served quite fast. Thai songs were played in the background. The place was non-aircon, but it was quite cooling with the fans blowing around.

Tamarind Juice ($3)
I was disappointed that it was bottled version. I was expecting homemade type.

Thai Iced Tea ($3)
It tasted surprising thick and creamy.

Thai Iced Lemongrass ($3)
Although it looked rather light, but it was well flavoured.

Deep Fried Boneless Chicken Wings ($4/ 2pcs)
Inside it was stuffed with minced chicken and diced vegetables. It tasted juicy and flavourful.

Pandan Leaves Chicken ($6/ 4pcs)
One of the items which can be found in most tables. I have read that this item had been sold out during lunch before. The seasoned chicken was very juicy and well flavoured.

Papaya Salad with Seafood ($8)
The salad was filled with shredded papaya and juicy seafood. It tasted quite spicy with lots of chilli padi in it.

Tom Ka Soup ($6)
It was Tom Yam Soup with coconut milk in it. I had ordered the seafood version. It did not taste too spicy. Although there was 3 of us, the staff did not serve us bowls to distribute the soup.

Green Curry ($8)
We had the curry with chicken in it. The curry was thick without too spicy.

Honey Chicken ($8)
It was like chicken popcorn covered with a layer of honey.

Pineapple Fried Rice ($6)
A simple dish of fried rice with juicy cubes of pineapple.

Red Ruby ($3)
The red ruby was crunchy and juicy. Quite a refreshing dessert. But as the other 2 desserts had stronger taste, this one tasted quite bland.

Sweet Tapioca served with Coconut Milk ($3)
The tapioca was very tender and sweet. Topped with the sweeten thick coconut milk, it was very yummy.

Mango Sticky Rice served with Coconut Milk ($5)
The juicy mango was served on the hot sticky rice with thick sweeten coconut milk on top.

Overall the food was very nice and delicious. Although the restaurant was packed, but the turnover was quite fast. Most of the customers were office workers who were quite fast to rush back to work.

Total Bill for 3 persons : $66

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