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Thai Restaurants F farshafarsha April 04, 2012 2232
Yummy & affordable Thai food
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Nakhon Kitchen is well known for their yummy and reasonably priced Thai food. However, I've never had the chance to try it because of the long waiting times at both the Bedok and Kovan outlets. (I'm not really a fan of long lines.) But ever since the Pasir Panjang and Holland Village outlets opened, I've never stopped patronizing both restaurants! Don't think I would really. Unless of course the queues get too crazy or if the food standard were to drop.

Some of the dishes that I usually order would be the Olive Fried Rice ($6), Clear/Thick Seafood Tom Yam Soup ($6), Pandan Leaves Chicken ($6) and Stir-fried Minced Pork with Hot Basil Leaves (S$6). Green Curry Chicken is definitely one of my favourite Thai cuisine dishes but I found theirs to be slightly disappointing - the curry wasn't as thick as I'd like it to be and it was slightly bland. I might give it a second chance next time though, hopefully it was just a once-off slip.

With many Thai restaurants pricing their dishes at >$10 each, I really appreciate how most of the dishes here are just $6 and are of decent portions. Plus, there's no GST and service charge! I'm really glad that Nakhon Kitchen is opening more outlets in Singapore (yay to accessible, cheap and good Thai food!) but hopefully their food standards would remain consistent and not be compromised as they continue to expand their business.

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The food!!
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Pasir Panjang/Holland Village
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