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Thai Restaurants F farshafarsha April 04, 2012 1394
Good Food at Affordable Price
(Updated: August 21, 2014)
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My first time visiting the outlet was during a Saturday evening with a friend who had tried the food at Kovan. I had friends raving about their fried pineapple rice, and the food smelled delicious whenever I walked pass the crowded outlet.

We queued for a while as we arrived earlier and were seated inside. Our order of fried pineapple rice, pandan leaves chicken, mango salad and red ruby were served quite fast. The fried pineapple rice was fragrant, not too oily and taste great with raisins and pork floss. My friend remarked that the fried rice was better than the one served at Kovan. Pandan leaves chicken was tasty but for me, a bit salty. Mango salad was refreshing and crunchy with cashew nuts. Red ruby was yummy and not too sweet like some other Thai desserts.

Overall, we had a full meal and dining experience was good. The staff rendered efficient service.
As for ordering, it's better to decide what to order while queuing. Staff usually takes the orders from customers in the queue in order to save time.

I will be back next time but ordering takeaway to avoid the crowd. Sitting outside on stools having our meal will be uncomfortable.

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Fried pineapple rice, red ruby
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