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Thai Restaurants P primate May 05, 2013 1839
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I pass by LeWu cafe everyday to and fro form school. Honestly speaking, I do not have a very good impression of it. The place is always dimly light and the lack of proper lighting makes the place look shady. However, students from the nearby JCs do frequent the place and this lends it some credibility.

However, I feel that they do not really have a wide selection of food to choose from. Everything is rather simple, and it's nothing particularly appealing. Personally, I would just count LeWu as a reliable backup plan for a meal place, but I wouldn't put it as my first choice. This is especially so after hearing a first-person account from my friend. She found a dead cockroach in her food but staff there were rather unhelpful and only refunded for that dish rather than the entire meal.

The stall at the far end of the stretch where LeWu is situated has closed, twice with different shops already. Let's just hope LeWu doesn't follow its footsteps and continues to attract customers with more affordable food choices and better hygiene practices.

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