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I've been schooling in the vicinity of this cafe for a decade, but I haven't stepped in until yesterday when one of my friends suggested we come here. A few others wanted to go to town to have dinner, but this one friend was really persistent in coming here and I wondered why.

I got my answer as soon as the food arrived at our table. The waiting time was a tad long, but it is a small restaurant as it was a full house that night. The cafe itself offers two levels of dining as well as alfresco seating. Payment was to be made upon ordering and there were student prices too. The student servings were adequate, and an upsize of $1 entitled you to double the portions. I feel like that is really affordable, especially for us students.

I ordered the beef noodles and it was heavenly. The soup was not too peppery or sweet, it was just right. The noodles were skinny (how I like it best) and succulent. The meatballs were average, but complimented the dish well. My friends ordered tom yam soup, pineapple fried rice, Brazil chicken and another kind of fried rice. They were ALL good. Each had their own special flavour but left you wanting another spoonful. The tom yam, especially, was so addictive. It wasn't too spicy or too sour, the chef balanced it well, and I stole (more than) a few spoonfuls from my friend.

Also, the cafe offers Thai desserts like the well-known Mango Sticky Rice, but my friends wanted to have ice cream instead so we headed some place else. I've been told the Pad Thai's nice too, but I didn't feel like ordering that last night. Perhaps I'll get that on my next visit there!

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