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Thai Restaurants A alleys-scavenger April 16, 2012 548
Reasonable and tasty fare
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Lerk Thai, to me, is much remembered of due to the specialty Thai food that it serves. It indeed leaves a mark on you. I dine out at Lerk Thai restaurants in the company of friends who are in search of exotic places to have a meal. At Lerk Thai, the 4 different flavours, sweet, spicy, bitter, sour, are omnipresent. The chefs do indeed know how to serve up food in different combinations of each flavour. But a side-effect of this would be that in a set meal, there're some dishes I'll absolutely hate and end up wasting some money.

However, the main course with the rice/noodles is extremely tasty and the amount they serve is reasonable for what you are paying. However, sometimes the service does lack. Once, when my friends and I had a meal at a nearly empty restaurant (which had 3 tables including mine filled), it took around 30-45min for our food to arrive.

But overall, I must say, the Lerk Thai experience is indeed reasonable and memorable
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