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Thai Restaurants S subathrad April 19, 2012 615
My favourite Thai restaurant
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I am an Ah Loy Thai fan through and through, ever since my friend had the good sense to introduce me to a — and I quote — “super good Thai place”.

Shaw Towers is a short walk from Bugis, so location wise it is still pretty accessible. The place can get SUPER crowded at dinnertime, so don’t ever try going down with an empty stomach or without patience. If I’m not wrong, they don’t take any reservations after 6pm. So anytime before that, remember to make one because nobody likes to wait!

The glass noodles are superb, and the best I’ve ever tried in my entire life. I am particular about bean sprouts, so I make it a point to request for my special order. However, during one of my visits during dinnertime, they said they couldn’t. Ah well. The Thai tom yum is also delectable, and good for 2. I think sharing among a group of 4 will result in you feeling bummed out about the empty pot, because it is simply not enough.

The fried calamaris are not too bad, but as I’m not a fan of calamari I usually skip this unless my friends order it.

All in all, Ah Loy Thai remains my favourite Thai restaurant in Singapore.
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