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Thai Restaurants S subathrad April 19, 2012 574
Most authentic Thai food in Singapore
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Ah Loy Thai serves one of the most authentic Thai dishes in Singapore. Having been to Thailand many times and trying their local dishes in Thailand really spoiled my tastebuds. This is because when I came back to Singapore, I thought I was unable to find such good and authentic Thai food anymore. Thankfully, my partner brought me to Ah Loy Thai at Shaw Tower.

We ordered a Phat Thai, Pineapple Fried Rice, Green Curry and Wrapped Pandan Chicken. It is indeed too much food for two. But I just had to try them all. The Phat Thai is just like the one I have tried in Thailand! I was overjoyed as I have been craving for this for the longest time! Their pineapple rice however, was a let down as it was a tad too oily. However, the green curry savaged it all. The fragrant curry, served with generous amounts of chicken took my breath away the first time i tried it. It was my favorite dish that day.

I would definitely be back for more Thai food as there are many things on the menu that I have not gotten a chance to try. However, to avoid the dinner crowd and long queues, it is advisable to visit Ah Loy Thai during non -peak hours.

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