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Thai Restaurants S subathrad April 19, 2012 615
Gets me coming back for more
(Updated: October 28, 2012)
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I rarely come by restaurants that keeps me going back to try more dishes so you how much i enjoyed the food here.

Pineapple Fried Rice: Very flavourful, it has a good amount of juicy shrimps and raisins. it's not the usual pineapple rice with a very distinct yellow. The portion is big, could be shared between 2 person.

Tom Yum Soup: Shiok. It's very spicy but addictive! I love the Tom Yum Soup with Fish.

Phad Thai: It's different from the ones i had previously which were spicy. I still prefer the fried rice!

Thai Pandan Chicken: 4 huge chunks of chicken wrapped indivually in pandan leaves, tender & well marinated. However, it's better to stop at 1.

Mango Chicken: Slices of fried crispy chicken drizzled with sweet & spicy sauce, can serve 2 -3 persons.

If you're going in a pair, can order the rice/phad thai with a bowl of tom yum soup and a dish of mango chicken to share it's more than enough to fill your stomach!

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