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Thai Restaurants S subathrad April 19, 2012 574
Best thai food in singapore!
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The name Ah Loy Thai itself may sound funny, but it certainly isn't joking when we are talking about its dishes! It is situated in Shaw Towers, which is a short walk away from Bugis Mrt station. Even though the eatery may not seem fanciful and the furniture and construction of it is rather simple, the food served here is so tantalizing! It can be proven by the long queues during dinner hours. Also, it closes as early as 8pm, so if you want to have dinner there you would have to reach earlier!

In my opinion, the best dish of all would have to be the butter calamari. It is drenched in butter (which is sinful, but I love it!) and the calamaris taste fresh and crunchy! A definitely must-order when you go Ah Loy Thai! The seasoned beans with shrimp is scrumptious too. If you prefer a whole meal instead of rice and dishes, you can go for Pad Thai and glass noodles. Both are of quite big portions so I suggest you share a plate of noodles with a friend! Green curry is pretty good too, for those people who can take spicy food, please order this dish! When paired with rice, it tastes simply heavenly.

I think the best time to have your meal there would be around 2-4pm, where there are lesser crowds and shorter queues. Even describing the food at Ah Loy Thai is making my stomach growl, you might think I am crazy but you will understand how I feel after you have eaten there!

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