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Awesome thai delicacies
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Ah Loy Thai is one of the must visit restaurant if you are fan of Thai cuisines. It is definitely one of the best Thai restaurant in Singapore. Although it is not as popular as Thai Express, which has a dozen franchises throughout Singapore, it can definitely beat the dishes at Thai Express anytime.

Located in Shaw Tower in Bugis, it is a 15 minute walk from the station, diagonally across the road from the National Library. The building looks a little run down and can do with a little upgrading, but it houses some really good food finds!

Some of the must tries at include the buttered calamari rings (the best calamari ever!!!), the pineapple fried rice and the mango crispy chicken. The buttered calamari rings will make you swoon, my friends and I always order double portions because it is just so good! The tom yam soup can be a little spicy, so if you cannot take spicy food, it's better to forgo it. The ice-lemon tea there is horrid though, so I'd advise you to pick out something safer, like a can of cola.

The service at Ah Loy Thai is pretty bad though. There was once we accidentally ordered an extra dish instead of an extra plate of rice like we wanted, but we realised it a little too late and the person simply refused to change it for us because the food was already being prepared by the chef. We ended up having two portions of beef which wasn't all that nice either.

All in all, Ah Loy Thai is really good, but yet does not have another outlet elsewhere, so it is a common sight to find a long queue outside during dinner time. Also, the place is pretty cramp so there is a limited capacity they can house at one go. If you are a big group and would like to visit the place in the night, it would be smart to make a reservation first!

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