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Thai Restaurants S subathrad April 19, 2012 574
Decent but overrated
(Updated: May 28, 2014)
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Don't get me wrong, Ah Loy Thai do sell authentic Thai food at affordable rates, and it's great for casual dining. But I've been hearing so much raves about Ah Loy Thai that it left me a little disappointed when I tried them. It's probably the expectations.

I remember being satisfied with their Pad Thai and butter calamari. The other dishes were decent and well, you could say authentic. But they weren't exactly mindblowing. Their Tom Yam is mediocre, and the green curry's alright. In general their food is really pretty decent but I wasn't overwhelmed with joy. I also love spicy food but the food at Ah Loy Thai isn't that spicy which left me disappointed as well.

In short, the food there is great but I wouldn't call it the best Thai place in Singapore. Be prepared for long queues in the weekends, and when dining there, save some space for dessert at Tom's Palette just opposite the shop!

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