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Other Restaurants A averlynn-lim April 22, 2013 324
Great coffee but very packed place
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The place was quite crowded and known for its coffee, as well as, its waffles. It was located within walking distance from the Outram Park MRT Station. The place was decorated in a simple way with cement floor, rugs, subdued lighting and unique furniture, which gave a relaxed atmosphere.

Magic ($5.50)
Double shots of Ristretto and Milk
Since we were lucky to have Ryan (the boss) making the drinks tonight, most of us ordered Magic as our choice of drink. The coffee was made with freshly grounded beans and gave a fragrant aroma. Although a lot of milk had been poured, the coffee gave a mellow taste. Overall it was strong coffee balanced with nicely frothed milk.

We also tried side dishes such as Spam Fries ($10.00), Lotus Root Chips with Spicy ($11.90), ZA ATAR-spiced Eggplant Fitters ($12.90) and Truffled Sweet Potato Chips ($12.90). Felt that most were quite average.

For desserts, we shared Buttermik Waffles with locally made Artisan Greek Yogurt and Fresh Fruit ($12.90) and Buttermik Waffles with Vanilla Ice Cream and Fresh Fruit ($12.90). While the waffle was quite crispy on the outside, inside it was soft and fluffy.

Overall it was a great place to hang out with friends with its coffee and waffles, especially for coffee lovers to satisfy their caffeine addiction.

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