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Where stranger's reunite
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This place was and IS still rather hyped in the food blogosphere. They are best known for their fluffy yet airy and crispy waffles which can be paired with fresh fruits and maple syrup, vanilla ice cream or artisan greek yogurt. It took us quite a long time to find this place for it was really inconspicuous amongst the other shops in the row of shophouses. After turning around the rows, we managed to find the place.

There was no signboard potruding out, and apparently it is done on purpose to go with the theme of the cafe. No signboards outside is so as to allow strangers to meet there. Pretty interesting concept I must say. The interior was rather small and cramped, but nonetheless well decorated with artworks lining the white washed walls and carpentry filling the place.

The cake display didn't have a wide variety but we ordered their matcha green tea cake. This would be a hit for hardcore matcha lovers. At 7.50 for a rather generous slice, the amount of green tea inside would be able to satiate any green tea addicts. The cake layers were studded with red beans too, albeit a little too hard.

The waffle didn't disappoint too! However, i would have preferred more maple syrup on my waffle.
The sandwich, more specifically the apple ham cheese sandwich was a refreshing idea. One which I didn't ever think of. It came really ala sandwich style, with thin slices of apple, cream cheese and ham between two pieces of dark brown colored toast. Crisp and creamy and crunchy at the same time, it was pure heaven for me. Though I actually had higher expectations of how the sandwich should come like ie. panini style or foccacia style.

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lovely coffee
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