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Other Restaurants D denise-chia July 05, 2014 445
Rather disappointing :(
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My CCA mate and I decided to go to One Man Coffee for lunch after CCA today since Upper Thomson is near our school! We were quite excited as our goal is to visit all of Upper Thomson's cafes before graduating next year.

However, upon reaching One Man Coffee, we realised that it was a very small space that was rather cramped. While the ambience was pretty good, the size of the place ruined it a little. It was so cramped that waiters had to squeeze past us while we were ordering our food at the counter.

The menu there is also not exactly the most extensive one out there - there were less than 10 dishes, most of which were over $10 and didn't sound like enough for lunch. We both decided to get a grilled cheese sandwich for $6, which was already one of the cheaper items available.

Expecting to get a nice, wholesome sandwich, we were sorely disappointed when we were served our grilled cheese sandwich. It was simply just two pieces of thinly sliced sourdough with melted cheese on one of the slices - we could've easily made something like that (or something better, probably). I'm pretty sure $6 for 2 thin slices of bread and some cheese isn't really worth it.

We'd heard many people saying good things about One Man Coffee so we were really quite let down by the place :( I wouldn't go back again for sure.

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